Harley-Davidson To Attract New Riders With “Live Your Legend” Ad Campaign

Harley-Davidson has launched the first ad in a new and different style of marketing campaign.

Harley-Davidson hopes the campaign, titled “Live Your Legend,” will go on to grow what the manufacturer refers to as “the pool of riders.”

The first ad in the campaign depicts a father-son relationship.

It’s already being described as the most sentimental and far-reaching campaign the manufacturer has launched to date.

A couple of months ago we reported that Harley-Davidson was trying to shake off its “macho” image and attract younger buyers, and even more women, to the brand.

But this new ad doesn’t just appeal to younger riders, its aimed at attracting people to riding who have never ridden before.

Harley-Davidson’s US Marketing Director Dino Bernacchi said, “This campaign is really hitting at the sweet spot of those Gen-X type individuals who may be starting a family, or may already have a family, but may not yet perceive the gift of motorcycling, because of all the things they believe are in the way.”

“It’s for those who don’t realise how motorcycling can enrich their lives.”

Bernacchi says he didn’t start riding until he began working at Harley-Davidson.

“And the gift I gave myself, was taking my then 10-year-old and 8-year-old kids for motorcycle rides,” he says.

Harley-Davidson is increasing its marketing investment by 65% compared with 2015 and new product development by about 35% in an attempt to boost falling sales.

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  1. Increasing new product development budget? So they are increasing me product development budget by $19.99 and spend millions more on trying to get people to “buy into the lifestyle” image…

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