Hino brings top training to Top End Council

Hino brings top training to Top End Council

The City of Darwin first embraced hybrid truck technology nearly a decade ago and now, as more Hino hybrids join the fleet, the truck company has upped local training operations in the Top End.

Hino has just told us that they’ve recently been training council staff on how to properly service and maintain the City of Darwin’s growing fleet of 300 Series Hybrid trucks.

The training included taking council workers through a diagnostics and product familiarisation course that focused on the hybrid battery unit.

City of Darwin Fleet Manager Peter Newcombe said Hybrid trucks are becoming commonplace in the council’s fleet.

“We’ve seen a better than 15.84% economy advantage [over diesels] in our urban applications, helping us improve our bottom line and reduce costs over the life of the Hino Hybrid.

“Hybrid technology also reduces our carbon output significantly, which is an advantage you can’t put a price on,”

“We also have Toyota Camry Hybrids in our passenger car fleet so we’re big advocates of the benefits Hybrid technology has to offer.”

(Image: Hino Australia’s Fleet Training Manager Sergio Bonvini (centre) conducting familiarisation training.)

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