Hino focuses on environment and safety

Environment and safety improvements targeted by Hino Trucks.

Hino focuses on environment and safety - the Hino Fuel Cell Bus emits zero CO2.

Hino Australia say the recent unveiling of a number of interesting new technologies by the Japanese truck and bus brand shows Hino is moving towards a safer and cleaner future.

Hino Motors exhibited six concept vehicles at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, all of which focused on technologies that deliver environmental benefits and safety improvements.

Among the six Hino concepts shown in Tokyo was a Hino Fuel Cell Bus co-developed with Toyota, the bus achieves zero CO2 emissions and is already being trialed in Japan. Hino also gave us a glimpse of the latest hybrid truck technology that they’ve been pioneering, as well as advanced safety systems such as a radar-based system that applies braking force to avoid low-speed collisions.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO, Steve Lotter, said Hino’s future looks clean, safe and bright.

“The Hino Fuel Cell Bus shares technology with Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell vehicle recently exhibited at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Sydney.

“The Fuel Cell Bus represents Toyota Group’s determination to develop hydrogen fuel technology for the next generation, while still serving its core values of quality, durability and reliability.”

Kate Richards