Homework the Key to Happy Car Buying

Homework the Key to Happy Car Buying

More than half the cars sold in Australia are bought by women. Despite this, women say buying a car is one of their least satisfying retail experiences.

However, car expert, Donna Kane, says buying a car does not have to be a negative experience.

Donna telling Behind the Wheel Car Advice that by doing a little homework, a woman can get the car she wants at a good price and reduce her stress levels.

“Start doing research before you even think of going to a dealer’s showroom,”

“The first thing you should do is determine what you can afford to pay each month and then narrow your choices down to the vehicles that are in that price range. The rule of thumb is that you should expect to pay approximately $25 for every $1,000 financed in the traditional 60-month loan.

“Next, research the warranties being offered.

“A warranty shows how willing a manufacturer is to stand behind the vehicles it makes. The more comprehensive the warranty, such as a 7-year warranty, the less you are at risk.

“When you are at the dealership, check out the fit of the car. Is there enough leg and headroom? Are the controls and accessories within easy reach?”

“And, make sure you comprehensively test-drive the model that you are thinking about buying. It makes no sense to test-drive a model with all the deluxe options if that is not what you are going to buy.”

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