How to identify safe young truck drivers?

young truck driver

Three things to look for when employing a young driver

The road transport industry is facing a serious problem – people just aren’t choosing a truck driving career like they used to.

Attracting young people to the industry, especially quality candidates, is a constant challenge.

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Now though, new research in the U.S. might help employers better identify potential candidates and encourage them into working ‘behind the wheel’.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has been investigating the potential for developing a Younger Driver Assessment Tool that could identify younger drivers who exhibit the same characteristics as safe, older commercial drivers.

The research was conducted in conjunction with Dr Monica Luciana, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and found Individual traits that can reliably predict driver safety outcomes.

These traits include – personality, health, and cognition.

Greg Koepel is the Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration at Roehl Transport, Inc., he says the tool could be very handy in the recruiting process.

“The potential to screen for the safest candidates among younger new entrants is an exciting step in the industry’s workforce expansion.

“We look forward to working with ATRI in the development and testing of the Younger Driver Assessment Tool.”

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Check out more details on the assessment tool on the ATRI website.

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