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Iveco helps Nifty-Lift rise to new levels

Iveco helps Nifty-Lift rise to new levels

Iveco teams with Australian manufacturer of elevated work platforms.

Iveco helps Nifty-Lift rise to new levels
Iveco helps Nifty-Lift rise to new levels - the Iveco Daily helps the Nifty-Lift EWP soar into the sky.

An Australian business that specialises in the design and manufacture of elevated work platforms (EWP) says Iveco Trucks are ideal for their products.

Nifty-Lift is a Victorian-based firm that has developed a unique range of utility, truck and custom mounted EWPs – a flexible solution for many working at height issues.

General Manager of Nifty-Lift, Kevin Power, says recently the company teamed-up with Iveco to develop the tallest cherry picker commercially available in Australia, mounted on the bed of an Iveco Daily chassis.

“Drawing on the model range of our German partner RUTHMANN, we developed a truck-EWP combination in response to a clear gap identified in the Australian market, that being a distinct lack of super tall EWPs available on an Australian car licence,”

Offering a 27m working height, 14.8m of side reach and a 230kg basket capacity, Mr Power says the Iveco product is perfect for the base for the EWP.

“A number of competitor models were reviewed, though none of them had the payload and wheelbase we were looking for. We realised the only option that would work was the Iveco Daily 45C cab chassis.

“At 4495kg GVM it had the ideal GVM, low tare weight and 34100mm wheelbase – from an engineering perspective the perfect fit for the EWP we’ve added onto its back.”

“This is the first time an EWP of this size has been available for a vehicle on a car licence to the Australian and New Zealand market, and we’re proud to be able to partner with Iveco to make this engineering concept a reality.”

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  1. I’m amazed at how much weight some of these things can support. Some of the basket capacities of these machines can exceed 250 kg. I would definitely get one of these things if I ever needed to get in some hard-to-reach places.

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