Iveco launch simple new Truck Lease Program

New monthly payment leasing scheme introduced by Iveco.

Iveco launch simple new Truck Lease Program - the leasing program helps Iveco owners get on with what they do best.

Iveco Truck purchasers can now take advantage of a flexible new leasing program - ‘Active Plus’.

Available across the Iveco medium and heavy duty range of trucks, Iveco has told Behind the Wheel Truck News that the program provides truck buyers with the convenience of a monthly payment covering the new truck lease and the trucks scheduled servicing.

Iveco Active Plus also gives truck owners the option of a new Iveco every two, three, four or five years.

Tailored for each individual Iveco owners own requirements, Iveco Marketing Manager, Darren Swenson, said the Iveco Active Plus Program rounds all expenses into one simple monthly payment allowing operators to focus on their core business.

“A program such as Active Plus, essentially removes the work of managing and maintaining the equipment from the business owner, placing the responsibility with Iveco and freeing up resources for the business,”

“An additional positive is that there’s an option to regularly upgrade to the newest vehicle, which can bring many more benefits such as the truck always being under warranty and operators having access to the latest vehicle technology.”

More info on the Iveco Active Plus Program is available from local Iveco Dealerships or from Iveco Australia on 1800 4 IVECO.

Kate Richards

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