February 15, 2020

January 2017 Car Sales – Winners and Losers

January 2017 Car Sales – Winners and Losers

The car sales race is on again in earnest with the first car sales data for 2017 coming to hand today.

The VFACTS data shows that while the market grew by only 0.6% in the month (compared to January 2015) several car brands well and truly skipped ahead of the market.

While there were some brands who certainly had a difficult start to the month.

January 2017 Car Sales Data – Improvers:

January 2017 Car Sales Data – Losing Ground:

More coverage of the January 2017 car sales results to follow.

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10 Comments on January 2017 Car Sales – Winners and Losers

  1. Well the law of averages will surely catch up to the leaders and its understandable. However the year has just started so these figures are not the final yet.

  2. I can’t help but notice that the top 4 gainers are in the super luxury class. Says something about the looming downturn soesn’t affect the top income bracket as much as the common masses. The biggest loser Proton is no surprise being an entity riddled with inefficiency, supported by cronyism and affirmative actions of a corrupt government.

  3. I wonder what the reasons are for having a high jump or a big loss in sales. Bentley with 175% increase… wow, they must be doing something right.

  4. “While there were some brands who certainly had a difficult start to the month.” What I think that, no matter what brands, sometimes, it might turn up and down. It might depends on the consumers’ preference.

  5. Oh goodness. Renault is under the improvements list. That’s so awesome to hear.

    I haven’t heard about Renault in my country lately because they closed down. For reference I’m in the Philippines and own an R10. 🙂

    Sad to see that Audi lost. I like that car. Very safe to drive.

  6. Nice list. I see a lot of popular brands are losing ground. But these may just be temporary setbacks. This understandably fluctuate in the market.

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