How to Keep Novice Drivers Safe

How to Keep Novice Drivers Safe

Young drivers are sadly over-represented in motor accident fatality rates, but what can be done to help keep novice drivers safe while they are finding their feet on the roads?

Experts say the primary cause of young driver car crashes are driver inexperience (particularly in bad weather), driver distraction, excessive speed and use of alcohol or drugs.

As parents, we can greatly increase the safety of teenage drivers by helping them avoid these pitfalls, just by trying to follow these simple tips.

How to Keep Novice Drivers Safe:

  • Lead by example and be a safe driving role model for young drivers.
  • After teens get their licenses, provide them with as much adult supervised driving time as possible.
  • Make new drivers wait before letting them drive with friends in the vehicle. Statistics show that the tendency of new drivers to be distracted by others in the car increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Prohibit late-night driving. It often promotes higher risk behaviour among teenagers.
  • Make sure your teen drivers wear seat-belts every time they get into a car.
  • Select cars with good safety credentials and with safety features like air-bags and traction control.
  • Avoid buying, or allowing young drivers, to buy sports cars as these can encourage high-risk behavior.
  • Talk to your teens about the dangers of driving after consuming drugs or alcohol.

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