Logistics Council calls for infrastructure spending increase

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The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has joined a group of seven other organisations and associations calling on both sides of politics to commit more funding to improving transport infrastructure.

Logistics Council calls for infrastructure spending increaseThe joint statement spells out the concerns of the seven groups;

Years of under-investment in public infrastructure, particularly transport infrastructure, means that we now have a national infrastructure network that is struggling to meet the needs of Australian businesses and communities.

More needs to be done to ensure that we have the appropriate infrastructure to support Australia’s economy to remain competitive.

Joining the ALC in signing the joint statement was the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), association president, Mayor Troy Pickard, says it’s clear that not enough funding has been put into infrastructure in recent decades.

“Traffic jams set to cost the nation an estimated $53 billion a year by 2031,”

“We are calling for a commitment from all Federal political parties to ensure ongoing investment of no less than five per cent of GDP into productive infrastructure projects that support continued economic growth and boost national productivity.

“We must move away from the fragmented infrastructure funding habits of the past and start taking a long-term, strategic and planned approach to infrastructure investment, and local roads must be considered as part of this approach,”

“That is why, as part of its election plan, ALGA is proposing to unlock the local and regional productivity of local roads through a strategic investment of $200 million a year for five years,”

“This would improve access for freight vehicles and enhance connectivity between local roads and preferred state and national freight routes, adding an estimated $1.07 billion to Australia’s GDP by just the third year of this investment.

“Maintaining and improving our standard of living in the future will depend on increasing our productivity. A greater level of investment in productive infrastructure in our cities and regions will benefit communities across the country and the nation as a whole.”

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