Long awaited 2017 Honda NSX arrives in Australia

Long awaited 2017 Honda NSX arrives in Australia

It’s been 14 years since the last Honda NSX was on our shores the new 2017 Honda NSX hybrid supercar has touched down in Melbourne this week.

The latest incarnation will own a 3.5 litre twin turbo V6 engine coupled with two electric motors up front producing a combined output of 425kW.

This is linked to a direct drive motor together with a nine-speed, dual clutch transmission.

Developed through the collaboration of designers and engineers from Japan and the USA, it has generated positive reactions in international markets.

Only five dealerships will stockpile the supercar – along the eastern seaboard at Yarra Honda, Vic; Scotts Honda, NSW; Austral Honda, Qld as well as Nordic Honda, SA and Burswood Honda, WA.

Dealerships have already received expressions of interest for the Honda NSX and Director of Honda Australia Stephen Collins says they expect it to be a very exclusive car.

“The NSX represents the pinnacle of Honda automotive expertise in terms of technology and design and provides exhilarating performance, handling and luxury.

The Honda NSX goes on sale late in the year.

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