Lotus Evora GT430 is most powerful Lotus ever

lotus evora 2018 gt430

Limited edition Lotus brings 320kW

Look, we like Lotus cars, but often Lotus vehicles are just light-weight cars with reasonably powerful engines.

So, while they’re still lots of fun, compared to something with a big, thumping engine…well you could feel a little like you’re missing out.

lotus evora gt430

But that certainly isn’t the case with this new offering just unveiled in the UK – the Lotus Evora GT430.

This car, limited to a production run of just 60 vehicles, is the most powerful road-legal Lotus ever built.

Boasting a 320kW/440Nm supercharged 3.5 litre V6 engine, Lotus is talking a 3.8 second sprint to 100km/h!

Wrapped around that engine is a hand-built body weighing just over 1.2 tonnes.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales tells us the car delivers tremendous real-world speed and handling.

“The Evora GT430 is a landmark car for Lotus.

“Lightweight engineering and class-leading handling, paired with Lotus’ aerodynamic expertise, define the Evora GT430 as a legendary Lotus.

“It’s a truly beautiful car, meticulously finished, and employing the latest aerodynamics and lightweight materials.

“We expect the lucky owners to be blown away by its pure presence and staggering performance.”

lotus most powerful car ever gt430No word yet on whether any of the 60 cars being built will come to Australia, we’ll keep you updated though in our Lotus News section.

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