MAN A26 engine comes to International Trucks

MAN A26 engine comes to International Trucks

New 12.4 litre engine for LT/RH

No word yet on whether the engine will be coming to Australia (we’ll keep you updated), however International Trucks purchasers in North America now have a new 12.4 litre engine on offer.

Available in the LT Series and RH Series (neither of which is available here at present), the new engine delivers 475hp and 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque (354kW/2372Nm) and is based on the MAN D26 engine crankcase.

Navistar say the engine is up to 600 pounds (272kg) lighter than a comparable 15 litre powerplant.

The 12.4 litre unit uses about 9% less fuel than comparable engines.

“Delivering our 12.4 litre engine is a significant milestone for Navistar,” said Persio Lisboa, Navistar executive vice president.

“We continue to receive great customer feedback on the products we’re delivering today.

“Customers will continue to experience outstanding levels of quality, reliability and uptime with our new family of Class 8 on-highway trucks, now complete with the A26 engine.”

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