May 2016 US car sales winners and losers

May 2016 US car sales winners and losers

May 2016 proved a disappointing month for a number of car companies in the US with sales down 6.1% on the same month last year.

1.5 million vehicles were still sold in the month (more than any complete year in Australia) with two fewer sales days compared to May last year seeming to be the primary reason for the downturn.

But, despite the overall market downturn, there are some car companies that have reason to celebrate, including:

On the other side of the coin fairly dramatic sales decreases were recorded by a number of manufacturers, most notably:

And in what will be a major concern for General Motors, Chevrolet lost ground by 18.6%, Cadillac shed sales by 16.0% and Buick lost ground by 22.1%.

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Simon is a writer and sometime contributor to the podcast. He also takes care of video production and product reviews. He met Joel through radio school and has worked with him on other ventures, reading news, producing and presenting radio content for regional networks. Simon doesn’t profess to be a car nut but enjoys driving first and foremost and has a penchant for hot hatches. He helps to provide the everyday-man perspective.

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