February 20, 2020

Mercedes-Benz to begin Urban eTruck production

Mercedes-Benz to begin Urban eTruck production

Fully-electric delivery truck to enter small-scale production…

The future is here with Mercedes-Benz Trucks announcing plans to begin production of it’s Urban eTruck this year.

The truck boasts a 12.8 tonne payload and a 200km electric drive range and is aimed at operators running inner city delivery routes.

Production will begin soon, but only in limited numbers, and those initial vehicles will be handed over to customers in Germany on a 12-month trial base.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks head, Stefan Buchner, says all going well the company plans to ramp-up production to full capacity by 2020.

“Customer reaction to this vehicle has been outstanding.

“We are currently talking to around 20 potential customers from the disposal, foodstuffs and logistics sector.

“With the small series, we are now rapidly taking the next step towards a series product and by 2020 we want to be on the market with the series generation.”

Mercedes-Benz to begin Urban eTruck productionWe will bring you more news on the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck as it comes to hand.

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