Mick Doohan Adds Sixth Sense To Motorcycle Safety

Mick Doohan Adds Sixth Sense To Motorcycle Safety

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads has launched a new motorcycle safety campaign it is calling “Sixth Sense”.

The campaign shows five-time world MotoGP Champion Mick Doohan in a series of videos that will also be tied to the new Q-Ride motorcycle licensing curriculum being launched in the state in October.

The four main videos run for around 3 to 4 minutes each and use a positive educational approach to present tips on cornering, group riding, road craft and advice for returning riders.

The new videos have been added to the Queensland Government’s “Join The Drive To Save Lives” website alongside other key road safety and motorcycle based content.

The website also has other useful information on riding gear, motorcycle maintenance, and directions for some of the most popular roads for motorcyclists in Queensland.

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  1. These are extremely well done and the content is awesome. I will share with numerous safety groups where I live. Thanks for this investment in rider safety to Queensland Government. I hope riders will watch and practice these tips regardless of preceived skills.

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