Mitsubishi 380 TV Commercial

It was the end of the line for Mitsubishi car production in Australia, and the end of the brands participation in the mid-size car segment - the Mitsubishi 380.

Essentially the Mitsubishi Magna but with a ‘cool’ new name, Mitsubishi tried hard to get Australian car buyers interested in the 380 and conducted a major advertising push when the model was launched in 2005.

While the Mitsubishi 380 turned out to be rather forgettable, the tag line for the model “Better built and better backed than any other Australian car” seems to be about the most memorable thing!

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  1. Had a series 1 vr-x it was a great car. Comfortable, good on fuel (for a big v6) and very reliable. Traded it in on a hyundai i30 worst move ever. Thought the i30 would be much better on fuel, not so much only on average 2 liters pre hundred.

  2. It is unfair to say this car was forgettable. That creates connotations that this vehicle was not worthy of an audience nor had any redeeming features. Having owned a 380 for nearly 5 years I can tell you it was fantastic to drive and to this day felt better put together and glided across the road better than any other vehicle I have ever owned, I’m sure many other owners would say the same.
    It had its flaws for sure but suffered too much at the hands of those who had never actually been in one. This car went out of production due to increasing pressure in a market that was nearing its end. Cue Falcon, cue commodore, cue Camry.
    This article, however, really was rather forgettable.

  3. Doesn’t anybody fact-check their articles before publishing them any more? The 380 replaced the Magna but is based on the US Galant. The Magna and Galant became two separate models generations before.

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