More buyers choosing green cars

More buyers drawn to environmentally friendly cars.

More buyers choosing green cars - Private Fleet say car buyers are increasingly choosing more environmentally friendly models, thanks in part to the success of the Toyota Prius.

A leading car broker service says it has seen a trend of car buyers opting for more environmentally friendly cars.

Private Fleet has looked at what kind of cars its customers are buying and has found a distinct increase in cars that use less fuel and emit less emissions. Fortunately, and perhaps not coincidentally, the car makers have responded and are now offering more environmentally friendly models than ever.

Company founder, David Lye, says luxury car brands in particular have been jumping onto the low emissions bandwagon after observing the strong and steady demand for hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius.

“There has definitely been a big jump in going ‘green’ in the car industry with 32% of people requesting environmentally friendly cars compared to 18% five years ago, with the Australian public turning towards more conventional cars for their size and engine efficiency.

“The Suzuki Swift, Volkswagen Polo and the Fiat 500 have all soared on the bestsellers list in the last 18 months.”

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