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Motor Classifieds arrives on car sales stage

Motor Classifieds arrives on car sales stage

Behind the Wheel launches new online vehicle sales website - Motor Classifieds…

There’s a serious new player in the online car and vehicle sales industry with Behind the Wheel launching the new Motor Classifieds website.

motorclassifieds.com.au is a slick new online car buying and selling platform.

Behind the Wheel CEO and Founder, Joel Helmes, says he’s really excited to be at the forefront of a new chapter in online vehicle sales.

“We are really proud to launch a new service that provides a win-win for everyone.”

“Motor Classifieds helps car dealers reach prospective buyers without being gouged excessively by some of the other online vehicle sales services.”

“It also allows owners the chance to get their vehicle in front of car buyers, free,”

“And even if you just love browsing ads and dreaming we’re more than happy to have you come and have a look.”

Behind the Wheel is also looking forward to featuring some of the most interesting vehicle sales listings on our social media channels, as well as our syndicated radio segments/program and podcast.

“It gives us even more to talk about each week!” Joel says.

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