Narva Heavy-Duty LED Inspection Light Review

Narva Heavy-Duty LED Inspection Light Review

Joel Helmes reviews a new high-powered LED work light from Narva.

Narva Heavy-Duty LED Inspection Light Review
The work light comes complete with charger and changeable belt-clip or heavy duty magnet.

For decades the traditional portable workshop light featured a standard light-bulb and quite a long power cable.

While these work lights worked alright, the new generation of rechargeable work lights are so much more user-friendly and effective.

Narva has just released a new heavy-duty, rechargeable inspection light that features 33 high-intensity SMD LED’s - called the ‘See Ezy’ Heavy-Duty/High Powered L.E.D Inspection lamp.

With lithium-ion batteries and a 240v docking station, the work light has a strong and robust feel to it. Narva claims the light is weather resistant and with quite a solid robber coating over everything but the lens, it appears to be a unit that will cope with the rough stuff.

In fact, I actually dropped the light accidentally onto the concrete and there was no sign of scratching or damage at all!

With a sturdy hook located on the top of the work light, the only possible irritation that the unit might present is that you need to use a hex key to change between the magnet or belt clip on the rear.

Understandably, this section of the work light needs to be as ‘sturdy’ as the rest of the unit, but some form of quick clip system might be a bit more user friendly.

Narva Heavy-Duty LED Inspection Light Review
The 33 LED’s provide an excellent field of light and can be adjusted between maximum power or maximum life (up to 7 hours) modes.

Narva’s ‘See Ezy’ Heavy-Duty/High Powered L.E.D Inspection lamp is made in China and is available from all leading automotive and truck outlets with a RRP of $179.

This new work light would be a handy addition to any toolbox.

Joel Helmes

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