March 17, 2020

New in-car child monitoring system debuts

New in-car child monitoring system debuts

Tech gives parents a look at what’s happening in the back-seat…

As a parent, I can tell you just how frustrating and distracting having two (or more) children fighting in the back-seat of a car.

Especially when you’re the only parent in the car, turning around, or adjusting the rear-view mirror to get a glimpse of the problem(s) while you drive is definitely not a good idea.

But there could be a solution to the age-old problem.

Magna International has just launched a video-based in-car child-monitoring system that allows parents to see what’s going on back there, without turning around.

The system uses a camera, mounted over the rear seat, that gives parents a clear view of the people traveling in the rear of the vehicle on the infotainment screen.

Magna’s Chief Technology Officer, Swamy Kotagiri, telling us the camera provides parents and other caregivers a top-down view of children, even in low-light or dark conditions.

“We are trying to meet the needs of families with children.”

“With today’s drivers facing more distractions than ever, our goal is to continue to develop new driver-assistance features to enhance vehicle functionality, improve safety and provide peace of mind.”

At this stage the Magna video child-monitoring system isn’t available to purchase, however Magna tell us they are working with car manufacturers to bring the system to our vehicles in the future.

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