New car needed, what do you recommend?

Dianne’s daughter is considering a couple of Mazda models.

New car needed, what do you recommend? Have a test drive of the Kia Cerato.

My daughter has a ten year old Mitsubishi Colt which is being written off due to recent hail damage. Before the storm she was considering upgrading but this is now more urgent. At this stage she has been thinking Mazda3 or CX3 or similar.

I have a three year old Ford Focus which would NOT be considered - what is your recommendation in this size car?

Hi Dianne

Thanks for your email via the Contact page at Firstly, we would love to know why, by the sound of it, you aren’t impressed by your Ford Focus?

Sorry to hear about your daughters Mitsubishi Colt. Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Mazda3 or its Crossover sibling, the Mazda CX-3.

While we haven’t yet had a chance to review it, the 1.5 litre turbo-diesel CX-3 looks an attractive offering. With combined fuel consumption under 5.0L/100kms, a six-speed auto transmission standard and prices starting under $27,000, it all looks like a good offering.

Of course there are options. The Hyundai i30 is the same size as the Mazda3 and offers a better warranty – five years instead of three. The Toyota Corolla is also in the mix.

A couple of other alternatives to go and test drive include the Kia Cerato, which comes with an industry-leading seven year warranty, and the very impressive Volkswagen Golf (our Car of the Year last year).

If a Crossover or small SUV is more attractive, we reckon the Nissan QASHQAI is hard to beat and the new Suzuki Vitara is also a good offering.

Please let us know which way your daughter goes and we would also love to get your review of your Ford Focus.

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Update - Dianne’s response in relation to her Ford Focus.

I have never been totally happy with the Focus…the reverse controls can be frustrating, I find the head rest very uncomfortable and not adjustable to my liking.

But biggest problem was being caught in the issues with the auto clutch problem. It took a long time to resolve over twelve months and still don’t think it’s 100%.  If I had of understood the manual clutch / auto transmission situation I wouldn’t have purchased it.

So yes, I’m not a happy Ford camper!

Thanks heaps for the other info, great food for thought… I like the Toyota colours but as you can see by the above I think a more in depth decision is required.

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