March 6, 2020

New Iveco ACCOs on the job in Melbourne

New Iveco ACCOs on the job in Melbourne

City of Banyule takes delivery of new ACCO’s…

The City of Banyule in North-Eastern Melbourne has expanded it’s fleet of Iveco waste collection trucks with two new Iveco ACCOs.

Both the new Melbourne-built additions to the fleet are fitted with locally-produced Bucher Municipal side loaders and were selected by the council following a competitive tender process.

While input from Council employees including drivers, mechanics and Fleet Services Engineer, David Walczak was also taken into account.

Mr Walczak says the ACCOs consistently prove their worth.

“Our fleet of side loader compactors are exclusively based on the ACCO platform, for this demanding start and stop application we’ve found them to be very good,”

“Some of the other truck brands we’ve used haven’t provided the same longevity – from my personal experience the ACCO delivers the right formula for this sort of work.”

While Mr Walczak says the locally produced trucks, and their Bucher compacter bodies, are backed by great local support.

“Both Iveco and Bucher have extensive local engineering divisions so I can have questions answered promptly,”

“There’s also the convenience of being able to make final adjustments to the specification during the build process.

“In short the ACCO models are reliable, fuel efficient and the back-up is very good.”

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