Nikola developing electric prime mover

Nikola developing electric prime mover

Nikola Motor Co. has announced it’s developing a 1,500kW/5000Nm, all-wheel-drive, hybrid-electric prime mover.

Nikola developing electric prime moverFitted with a turbine range extender, Nikola (as in Nikola Tesla) tell us their truck, which will be known as the Nikola One, will cut operating costs in half when compared to a diesel truck.

The Nikola One will be fitted with six 250kW electric motors, one at each wheel and these motors will also act as generators to recharge the battery during regenerative braking.

Founder and CEO of Nikola Motor, Trevor Milton, says the prime mover will pull a loaded trailer with a designed gross combination weight of 36 tonnes up a 6% grade at 100km/h.

“By working together with some of the top engineering firms in America, we were able to design vehicles that have previously been thought impossible to design,”

“We want to even the playing field and income inequalities seen between owner-operators and fleets for the first time in recent trucking history.”

While following in Tesla’s tracks with a reservation system for the Tesla Model 3, Nikola Motor Co. are now taking $1500 (US) refundable ‘reservations’ on the Nikola One from prospective buyers.

We will keep you updated on the Nikola One electric prime mover.

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