How to NOT get locked out of your car

How to NOT get locked out of your car

Car manufacturers have made our car keys a whole lot more technologically advanced than the simple piece of metal that they used to be.

Modern car keys, or ‘smart keys’, generally have a transmitter located inside them that works as a second security function, in other words, no transmitter, no go.

But despite the technological advancements you can still accidentally lock your keys in your car, or just plain lose them.

How to NOT get locked out of your carGetting copies of your car key programmed and ready to go,will certainly cost you a whole more than the $6 or so that it used to cost to get a spare car key! The keys are also bulkier and more cumbersome than the old-fashioned car key.

Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the old technology as a back-up.

You can get a copy of your car key cut (in most cases) at your local suburban key cutting outlet or hardware store for probably around $10-$15 and this should store pretty easily in your purse or wallet.

Why would you do this when it won’t start the car? Well, so you can always get into your car, especially if you’ve locked your full set inside the car.

This could be especially handy if you’ve locked the kids or a pet inside your car!

You’d be surprised just how many roadside assistance calls come from people who have simply put their keys down in their car, closed the door and been locked out. If you were to call roadside assistance and you aren’t a paid member, prepare to pay a premium to get back into your car.

Not to mention the lost time sitting around and waiting for them to get to you!

Other Tips to help Avoid Being Locked Out of your Car;

  • Make sure you have your keys in hand when you exit the vehicle, close the boot or when locking the car using the manual or automatic door locks.
  • Never place your keys on the front seat, in the glove compartment, in the boot or anywhere else in the vehicle.
  • Place your keys in your shirt or pants pocket instead of a jacket.
  • Never leave your vehicle running and unattended, even during short periods of time.
  • Keep the identification code number of the key written down on a piece of paper in your wallet. It will be easier to have a copy of the key made.
  • Give an extra set of keys to a trusted family member or to a friend.
  • Keep a spare set of car keys at work or at a place you visit frequently.
  • Never leave children or pets unattended in the vehicle with access to keys.
  • Take the key out of the ignition prior to refuelling your tank.

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