Online car sales to be the norm within five years

Predictions car buying will soon become a wholly online experience

Online car sales to be the norm within five years

More predictions today that the future of car sales will be a virtual experience, rather than a traditional dealer/customer interaction.

The predictions come from UK automotive video outlet, CitNOW, which says video has and will continue to change the automotive industry.

And CitNOW CEO Alistair Horsburgh says the process of buying and selling cars will soon be done almost entirely remotely using video technology.

“At the moment, the car industry is waking up to the importance of using video to communicate with their customers but, by 2020, it will be a two-way conversation.

“We are already seeing how drivers are starting to expect and demand video as part of the service they get from dealers.

“Within five years, the entire process of buying a new car, from researching different models to agreeing a price and a specification, will be done remotely.

“Motorists won’t ever have to visit the showroom, except perhaps to pick up the car they’ve ordered.”

You can check out the full report here.

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