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OnStar tech coming to Holden in 2019

Holden vehicles to get new connectivity tech

onstar holden

It won’t be in Holden cars until 2019, however the brand tells us the addition of OnStar technology will be a positive for local car and SUV buyers.

Quickly moving towards a future of being an import-only car brand, Holden sales have been very disappointing in 2017.

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But, new U.S. sourced vehicles such as the Equinox and Acadia, and the all-new Commodore, could just get things moving in the right direction again.

And the availability of OnStar could also set Holden cars apart from their rival’s.

The technology, first developed by GM back in the 1990’s, offers emergency, security, navigation, connections and vehicle manager services all in one package.

One of the core functions of OnStar is the ability to be able to call for assistance automatically, such as situations where the car has detected you were in a crash.

While Holden owners will also be able to use the technology via an app installed in their smartphone that will allow them to track their vehicle, access diagnostics and even lock and unlock their car remotely.

Peter Keley heads up OnStar for GM, he says the system will be a great addition to Holden cars and SUVs.

“While OnStar uses very powerful and advanced technologies to deliver its services in the car and via the web and smart devices, it is simple and easy for the customer to use,”

“Once we connect you to your car remotely the possibilities to create experiences that make your drive more enjoyable and the way that we can enhance the usage of your time are endless.

There’s no word yet on whether OnStar will be a standard inclusion or optional extra in Holden vehicles, we will keep you updated.

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