Owners Coming Back for Jeep SUVs

Three Jeep SUVs take U.S. Owner Loyalty Awards.

There is no better recommendation of a product than when a customer comes back for more and that is exactly what is happening in the U.S. with Jeep SUV buyers.

This years IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards have just been announced and three Jeep models, the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Renegade, all topped their respective categories.

The awards recognize manufacturers and brands for superior owner-loyalty performance, which is determined when a household that owns a particular vehicle returns to market to purchase or lease another new vehicle of the same make or model.

When it comes to SUVs it was the Jeep trio that retained the most owners.

Steve Had is the vice president of sales and marketing solutions at IHS Automotive, he says obviously Fiat Chrysler (FCA) are giving SUV buyers exactly what they want.

“We are pleased to recognize FCA not only on loyalty for continued high levels of retention across several key makes within the Chrysler and Jeep brands, but also on achieving the highest level of conquest for the Jeep brand across the segments in which they compete.

“This is a great accomplishment in 2015.”

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5 Comments on Owners Coming Back for Jeep SUVs

  1. I hope their Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee s weren’t plagued with problems and recalls like Australia’s. I’ve had gearbox problems for 2 years now and vehicle has been in Dubbo dealers workshop for 13 weeks.They have replaced turbo . transmission. Main computer and electronic components and sensors. Still not fixed. Gear box jumps and doesn’t know what gear to go in. It’s been a Lemon from first day we picked it up and Jeep Australia and dealer won’t replace or refund our money. They told Fair Trading they are going to fix it. Now got to go to ACCC Tribunal. Should be Lemon laws in Australia.

    • Thanks Troy, we are happy to approach Jeep direct about your issues, should you feel that we could be of assistance.
      As you can see on the website, Jeep recalls are a fairly common occurrence, it’s a shame given how generally likeable their vehicles are.
      We wish you the best with getting your issues resolved.

      • If you could say something to Jeep that would be great. Dealer has had it for 104 days nearly 15 weeks now.They think gearbox is fixed. Looking at fixing sump oil leak and front carpet that doesn’t fit. Why didn’t they fix them while they were repairing the gearbox issues? Now got to wait again. Jeep Australia have been a total waste of my time. They do not reply to emails or phone calls. I’ve got a major Safety problem and they can’t return a phone call or talk about some form of replacement of vehicle or payout. This vehicle has had one problem after another and is a Lemon .Been on tow truck twice to get particle filter burnt out and computer updated after going into limp mode.You spend $60000 and expect it to be trouble free. I’ve been used as the guinea pig here while they try to sort out the problems with this new car.So I can’t talk to Jeep and will have to go to NCAT Tribunal. Wasting more of my time. You can’t get reference numbers for phone calls to Resolutions centre, and they are not there, at a meeting , or say they will get them to ring back which never happens. Took 2 months to get Mel from resolutions to ring back.Now over a 12 days waiting for email or phone reply from Glen Jones. So management are worse.So if you can talk to them you are going better than me. Should be Lemon laws in Australia. Email me for my phone number if you would like more information Thanks Troy.

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