Peugeot 308 recalled over fuel supply rail issue

A total of just 24 Peugeot vehicles sold in Australia recalled

Peugeot 308 recalled over fuel supply rail issue

Some current edition Peugeot 308 vehicles sold in Australia are being recalled after an issue that could pose a fuel leak was identified in an engine component.

The recall affects just 24 Peugeot vehicles sold in Australia and is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Those vehicles carry the following VINs:

  • VF3LPHNYWES132809
  • VF3LPHNYWES171005
  • VF3LPHNYWES171006
  • VF3LPHNYWES171008
  • VF3LPHNYWES171009
  • VF3LPHNYWES171010
  • VF3LPHNYWES171011
  • VF3LPHNYWES171012
  • VF3LPHNYWES171014
  • VF3LPHNYWES171016
  • VF3LPHNYWES171019
  • VF3LPHNYWES171020
  • VF3LPHNYWES171021
  • VF3LPHNYWES171022
  • VF3LPHNYWES171024
  • VF3LPHNYWES171025
  • VF3LPHNYWES171026
  • VF3LPHNYWES171027
  • VF3LPHNYWES171028
  • VF3LPHNYWES171029
  • VF3LPHNYWES171158
  • VF3LPHNYWES171160
  • VF3LPHNYWES172254
  • VF3LPHNYWES172255

The ACCC recall notice advising that the injectors’ fuel supply rail fitted to those vehicles may pose a leak risk in the long-term.

What are the hazards?

If the fuel rail fails it will cause a fuel leak and can cause fuel to spray over the hot areas in the engine bay and it could result in a fire hazard, damaging the vehicle or injuring the occupants or passers-by.

If your Peugeot 308 is on that list, the ACCC says you should contact an authorised Peugeot dealer immediately to have the fuel injection rail checked and, if necessary, replaced.

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