Polaris The Latest Hope For MV Agusta

Polaris The Latest Hope For MV Agusta

Rumours persist about the future of MV Agusta, with Polaris the latest company linked to the struggling Italian manufacturer.

Polaris is credited with saving the brands Indian and Victory, and according to reports in Italian newspaper Corriere Delle Sera it could be looking to do the same with MV Agusta.

Polaris The Latest Hope For MV AgustaThe reports are speculation at this stage, with no official confirmation or denial from either company.

Polaris was among those companies predicted to take over Erik Buell Racing, but never made an official bid for the company.

These reports are credible though, given Polaris’ financial strength and its seemingly increasing interest in sports bikes.

The company bought Brammo’s electric motorcycle division, and through the Victory brand is competing in both the Isle of Man TT Zero event and the Pikes Peak hill climb this year.

But the situation with MV Augusta is complicated.

MV Augusta is in debt for around €40 million. Mercedes-AMG owns 25% and has €67 million of equity in MV Agusta.

MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni wants to buy Mercedes-AMG out but doesn’t have the capital to do that.

And while all this is happening, MV Agusta is continuing to develop special models in the hope of attracting buyers to the brand, the latest being a collaboration with Pirelli.

Castiglioni has applied to the Italian courts for a court-ordered protection from creditors which would allow the company to remain in business and look at restructuring options to move the business forward.

There’s no doubt that an injection of funds is necessary to keep MV Agusta alive, and we still can’t rule out Mercedes-AMG stepping in and taking a controlling share in the company to protect its own interests.

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