Production milestone for current Skoda Superb

Production milestone for current Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb continues to find a growing number of buyers across the globe and now the current series Superb has just reached a production milestone.

Production milestone for current Skoda SuperbIn just a little over a year Skoda has produced 100,000 Skoda Superbs with the third-generation model selling at a faster rate than either of the two earlier generations of the midsize model.

Built in the Kvasiny in the Czech Republic, Skoda’s head of production and logistics, Michael Oeljeklaus, paying tribute to his team.

“The production of this highly modern car is a testament to the outstanding competence of the Kvasiny plant and its employees,”

“The name Superb represents one of the best and most successful models in the automotive mid-class. This third-generation model will continue the Superb’s success story in the coming months and years.”

In total, more than 850,000 Skoda Superb vehicles have been built since the model was first introduced in 2001. In Australia the Skoda Superb is priced from $39,990.

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