Proven reliability encourages DHH to double Isuzu truck fleet

Proven reliability encourages DHH to double Isuzu truck fleet

Building equipment transport specialists DHH recently added another two Isuzu trucks to its fleet, after two older Isuzu trucks more than proved their worth.

Transporting equipment such as excavators and diggers to building sites nationwide, DHH added two new Isuzu FVY 1400s to the fleet earlier this year, the new rigs joining an FYJ Twin Steer and an older model FVD.

Proven reliability encourages DHH to double Isuzu truck fleetWorkshop Manager Steve Sawrey says he had no qualms about choosing Isuzu again.

“I’ve been in the transport industry a long time, both as a driver and in mechanical work. I’ve had Isuzu trucks in the past and I’m well aware of how reliable they are,”

“The trucks run anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 kilometres a year, in both urban and rural routes, and they handle both environments really well.

“Isuzu offers great comfort. The drivers say they’re not as fatigued as they were from driving the other trucks, which is a great benefit for us, it’s a lot more driver friendly.”

“They are great trucks, they drive well and we’ve had no problems. We’re very happy. We’d have no problems going for Isuzu again.”

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