Renault builds most beautiful car of 2016

Renault Concept car voted the most attractive on 2016...

Renault build most beautiful car of 2016

The Festival Automobile International has named the Renault Trezor as the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year for 2016 at their show in Paris.

The futuristic design was picked in the city of love for its “extreme beauty and the sensuality and elegance the all-electric GT exudes”.

Possessing flowing lines along the low profile body, the judges said the Renault Trezor boasts an assertive front end with C-shaped lights.

While the interior was described as being pure luxury with warm, with prestige natural materials and a large customisable touch screen.

Renault says they plan to take inspiration from the Trezor for styling and technology cues in their upcoming models.

Festival President Rémi Depoix says the Renault Trezor is the epitome of a concept car.

“The jury was won over by the cohesion of the Trezor’s overall design and the attention to the details.”

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