Renault Trucks moving Signatech-Alpine WEC Team

Renault Trucks moving Signatech-Alpine WEC Team

The connection between Renault Trucks and world motorsport has strengthened with the French truck company supplying three trucks to the Signatech-Alpine WEC team.

Renault Trucks moving Signatech-Alpine WEC TeamThe attention of all teams in the WEC (World Endurance Championship) is now on the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hour Race and the Signatech-Alpine team will be making the trip in the three new Renault Trucks T.

The supply of the new long haul trucks to the team allows for the flying of the French colours, according to Renault Trucks president, Bruno Blin.

“The notions of endurance, efficiency and close relationships are all values we uphold and which mean something to our clients,”

“Our trucks are designed to be efficient, emphasising the importance of payload and reliability to benefit our clients’ productivity. Furthermore, both we and Signatech-Alpine have a close relationship with our clients and are proud of being French companies.”

While Philippe Sinault, Team Principal for Signatech-Alpine, welcomed the Renault Trucks support.

“It is with great pride and much enthusiasm that we are beginning this partnership with Renault Trucks in the World Endurance Championships and 24 Hour Le Mans race,”

“If there is one partnership that really means something, it is the one which links the two prestigious brands of Renault Trucks and Alpine.

“Values associated with technology, performance, reliability and, above all, human values, which are key to the success of these French standard-bearers.

“On the track, this season, we will try to be the fastest in Alpine, while on the road, we will deliver high-performance with Renault Trucks.”

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