Why it’s safer to back in to parking spots

Yes, there is a difference when it comes to nose in or tail in parking

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You’re in a shopping centre car park, you see a free spot and get ready to move in – but are you going to go nose-in or tail-in?

A study of parking habits completed by the AAA in 2015 found 76% of drivers most frequently park with their car nose into the parking spot, rather than going to the trouble of back in and being ready to drive straight out when they leave.

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But, from a safety perspective, there is a big difference between the two parking strategies.

As a follow up to their research into parking habits, the AAA warned that forward parking (or nose-in parking) is more dangerous.

Nose-in parking is a riskier practice that leaves pedestrians more vulnerable when the driver reverses from the spot - AAA

And that advice stands even if your car is fitted with a rear cross-traffic alert system.

John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of automotive engineering and repair, says drivers should never rely on the technology alone.

“Our testing of these systems reveals significant shortcomings when used in real-world conditions, and drivers should rely more on driving skills than technology.

“Pulling out of a parking spot, instead of reversing, is an easy way to increase safety and visibility in parking lots.”

Are you like the majority of American drivers are drive forward into car parking spots? Or, are you in the habit of reversing in?

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