Safety technology makes new vehicles more attractive

Study finds safety is high on car owners considerations

Safety technology makes new vehicles more attractive

Often when buying a new car we tend to look at the aesthetics  of the vehicle and the great features it comes with to determine whether it is attractive or not. But it turns out safety is one of the most important considerations to drivers.

The 2016 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout or APEAL study by J.D. Power in the US has found that new vehicles equipped with advanced safety technology features are more appealing to owners than those without, receiving higher APEAL scores.

Cars fitted with blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance technology scored higher among owners than those that were devoid of them.

The annual APEAL study measures the owner’s emotional attachment and level of excitement based on 77 different traits and combined to an overall score out of 1000.

Luxury brand Porsche came in top spot with 877 index points followed by BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Lexus.

Owners were the most satisfied with Volkwagen amongst the non-premium brands ahead of Mini, Kia and Ford.

Vice Presidents of automotive quality Renee Stephens says these safety features give drivers peace of mind.

“Technology-enabled safety features help drivers feel more comfortable and confident while driving their vehicles.”

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