Safety Tip: Tyres have a use by date

Safety Tip: Tyres have a use by date

Check your caravan and boat trailer tyres now.

Safety Tip: Tyres have a use by date

Safety Tip: Tyres have a use by date - Now is the time to check your tyres ahead of the Christmas break.

We are now into the second half of November and that means many Australians now have their mind very firmly fixed on their Christmas holidays.

For a very large percentage of Australians, especially Australian families, that means hitting the nation’s highways with a boat trailer or caravan hitched up to the tow-bar.

But, now is exactly the time to be giving the tyres on boat trailers or caravans a good once-over to make sure they are up to the job. For many people, these trailers and caravans only come out to play a couple of times a year and often the condition of their tyres can be overlooked.

You need to remember that even though a tyre might be holding its pressures OK, that doesn’t mean it’s not ready to cause you a potentially dangerous problem. Imagine having a blow-out on a busy motorway heading out of town in a few weeks!

Or what happens if a tyre fails on an isolated country road? You won’t be in the good books, that’s for sure and certain!

Tyres DO have a used by date and they DO deteriorate with age.

Before you head off check for any cracks or any signs of discolouring and look for your tires manufacture date which is stamped on the sidewall.

If the tyres look ready to replace, now is the time to go and get it done. And don’t forget to check the tread and make sure your trailer or caravan tyres are correctly inflated. Naturally, same goes for the tyres on your tow vehicle too!

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