Scania delivers new prime movers to Simon National Carriers

Scania delivers new prime movers to Simon National Carriers

Scania has delivered 6 new V8 prime movers to Simon National Carriers for long-haul work across the nation.

Scania delivers new prime movers to Simon National Carriers The freight operation will utilize four Scania R 560s rated for 64-tonne GCM on B-double duties between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The remaining two have been configured for triple road trains duties in the top-end.

Dean Dal Santo, National Sales Manager for Scania Australia, says he was excited to receive the order for the six prime movers.

“We have long desired to supply Simon National Carriers with our product and for the past four years they have had one of our R 500 V8 prime movers on the fleet,”

“That R 500 was an excellent ambassador for Scania, as it performed impeccably in terms of reliability and fuel use, and also impressed with its inherent quality.

“The success of this vehicle from an operating cost perspective paved the way for us to supply more vehicles to Simon National Carriers when they came to market for more high horsepower prime movers.”

Simon National Carriers Line-Haul Manager, Shaun Moloney, telling Behind the Wheel Truck News the new Scania’s should be great additions to the fleet.

“We have had a Scania on the fleet for the past four years and it proved to be a superior product.

“Even after 800,000 km it didn’t squeak or rattle,”

“With the new trucks we have tweaked the final drive ratio slightly, to 3.07:1 and the fuel consumption so far has been impressive.

“As a triple road train, the R 560 has been recording 1.48 km per litre pulling on average 90-tonnes on the Darwin run, and as a B-double in line-haul guise we are getting 2.1 – 2.6 km/litre at around 52-tonnes.”

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