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Scania Say Self-Driving Trucks are the Future

Scania Say Self-Driving Trucks are the Future

Truck giants say self-driving trucks will take over mining truck duties first.

It may not be the news too many Aussie truck drivers want to hear, but Scania reckons it won’t be too long before trucks start taking over the driving duties.

Scania has been working on self-driving truck technology and are tipping that it will be the mining industry that first welcomes driverless trucks. The Swedish company even confirming that some Australian Scania customers have been enquiring about how far away the technology might be!

Lars Hjorth is responsible for pre-development within Autonomous Transport Solutions at Scania, he says mines and construction sites are ideal for driver-less trucks with both safety and economic advantages.

“The area is contained and the operator can control what equipment or personnel are working in the area.”

“A truck solution is more cost effective, with the total cost per transported tonne being significantly lower, the infrastructure costs are also reduced as trucks don’t require specially reinforced roads.”

But what about uses outside of mines? Well Hjorth says the future presents many other opportunities.

“The next step could be self-driving container trucks in ports. And after that the technology will also come to the long haul transport sector, with self-driving vehicles driving between large transport centres where their cargoes are then loaded into last mile delivery trucks.”

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