Scania Trucks Recognize Fuel Masters

New competition launched by Scania Trucks to reward frugal drivers.

Scania Trucks Recognize Fuel Masters - Scania is even inviting entries for drivers of other Euro truck brands!

It’s not too often that a truck manufacturer welcomes entries for drivers of rigs from other truck brands, but that is exactly what Scania Trucks is doing.

The Swedish truck brand is welcoming entries from drivers in Europe driving Euro 5 or Euro vehicles, regardless of the brand, in a new competition called ‘Scania Fuel Masters’, the goal being to allow drivers the chance to boast about their fuel-efficient-driving achievements.

The Scania Trucks competition is all about helping operators lower costs and think more about fuel economy.

A micro-site (which can be found here) has been established by Scania Trucks and allows other drivers to show their appreciation by sending ‘honks’, and it’s totally up the drivers themselves to determine whether a result is praiseworthy.

Örjan Åslund is the Head of Product Affairs at Scania Trucks, he’s told Behind the Wheel Truck News the competition has sparked a positive rivalry among hundreds of drivers.

“It’s a way for us to show respect to the everyday heroes out on the road,?

“Halfway through the competition more than 400 proud drivers have told of their best runs, and we have appointed 12 Fuel Masters,?

“Technical development, including increasingly efficient power trains and connected vehicles, is occurring at a rapid pace, but the individual behind the wheel still has a decisive influence on a vehicle’s total fuel economy.?

Sounds like a clever competition!

Kate Richards

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