Should I buy a Kia Cerato?

Should I buy a Kia Cerato?

Madeline is considering her first Korean car and is interested in a Kia Cerato.

Should I buy a Kia Cerato?
Should I buy a Kia Cerato? Madeline is attracted by the styling, features and warranty that the Kia Cerato boasts.

Hi Behind the Wheel. I was wondering if you can help me. I really like the seven year warranty and the styling/features and pricing of the Kia Cerato hatch.

Are Korean cars a good investment? Can you think of any alternatives around that price? Thanks.

Peter Hitchener – Yes, that warranty can’t be beaten and I like the Kia Cerato very much. I’m not sure about the resale value but if you keep it say for four years, you will still have a car that has a three year factory warranty to offer the next buyer.

Joel Helmes – Go for it Madeline! The Kia Cerato is a nicely rounded model that will give you years of trouble-free motoring. It comes with a full five-star safety rating too. If the budget stretches that far I would recommend the 2.0 litre version, rather than the 1.8 litre Cerato.

Chris Miller – The Kia Cerato is a good little car and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t buy one. Other models you could consider would be the Mazda3 and Nissan Pulsar. Still, if you have your heart set on a Kia Cerato then I say, go for it!

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