Should I buy a Mitsubishi Delica?

Should I buy a Mitsubishi Delica?

Sebastian wants to know if a Mitsubishi Delica is a good idea.

Should I buy a Mitsubishi Delica?
Should I buy a Mitsubishi Delica? The Delica shares a similar body to the previously available in Australia Mitsubishi Starwagon.

Hey guys, what do you think about buying a Japanese grey import? We are looking for a family vehicle and have a local dealership that stocks a selection of Mitsubishi Delica vans.

For the money, and given that they have heaps of features and a diesel engine, nothing else really stacks up. What do you guys reckon?

Chris Miller – Hi Sebastian, thanks for your email. I reckon it isn’t a good idea and there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all the Mitsubishi Delica is essentially a commercial vehicle, it sits on a jacked up 4×4 base and I would have serious concerns about just how safe and stable it is because of this.

Also, it most likely won’t come with a lot of safety features and being a van the front seat passengers are quite exposed in frontal collisions. In fact, the last time Mitsubishi had a van available on the Australian market, the Express, it had just a one-star ANCAP safety rating!

And you might find it really hard to get spare parts both now and into the future.

If I were you I’d go and buy a second hand Honda Odyssey. Unless you are doing lots of kilometres each year a diesel engine is not really needed and the petrol engine in the Honda will use less than 10.0L/100km anyway.

Plus you get the bonus of always being able to get parts and the Odyssey features great build quality.

Peter Hitchener – There’s no doubt cars sold new in Japan and then imported here as second hand ‘grey imports’ are subject to different requirements and standards to the new cars sold here. I think it’s a gamble and probably one I wouldn’t be willing to make.

It sounds like you want a diesel but I agree the Honda Odyssey might be a good option. There’s also the Kia Carnival, available with a diesel and of course there’s no shortage of good used SUVs available.

We would love to know which way you go.

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