Should We Buy a Used Great Wall SUV?

Jenia asks, should we buy a Great Wall SUV?

Should We Buy a Used Great Wall SUV? Jenia is considering a used Great Wall SUV.

Hi Joel, I head you talking about Chinese cars recently and thought it timely to write in with my question on Great Wall SUVs.

We are currently looking at a couple of 2011 and 2012 models of the Great Wall X240 and are wondering if they would be a good purchase. Both vehicles are in the vicinity of $13,000.

Hi Jenia, thank you for your email.

I guess the first question I would ask is whether you actually need an SUV? If not, then there is a whole array of quality cars that you can find around that $13,000 mark.

But if an SUV is what you want or need then there are a couple of things to do and consider before you put any money down on a Chinese-built SUV.

First up, I get the attraction of the Great Wall offerings, they are late model vehicles and are likely to have traveled a reasonable amount of kilometers (allow 15,000kms per year as a guide) and for what you get, $13,000 isn’t a lot of money.

Going for a Great Wall vehicle might mean some quality compromises though.

While I wouldn’t say you should avoid these vehicles, I would say that getting them inspected by an independent service (motoring organization in your state/territory or a mechanic you trust) might be a good investment.

The other option is to go for an older model from a more ‘mainstream’ brand such as Nissan or Toyota, you might miss out on a few features but I think most people would agree that they are more likely to be more reliable (and maybe even cheaper to own) in the long term.

Let us know which way you go.

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