March 21, 2020

Smart CEO sees strong future for brand

Smart CEO sees strong future for brand

Annette Winkler says micro-cars will bounce back…

There’s no doubting the world has lost some interest in micro cars over the last couple of years as low fuel prices drive buyers to larger models.

But the CEO of the global (except Australia) micro car company Smart, Annette Winkler, says the trend back towards the smallest car offerings will return.

In Australia last year micro car sales slipped back 4.8%.

Against the backdrop of falling micro car sales, the Daimler-AG owned car company has continued to grow, despite a global downturn in the micro car segment.

Last year, Smart sold 145,000 cars globally, a new record for the brand.

Winkler has told Automotive News that issues beyond fuel prices will drive more buyers to go smaller.

“I am pretty sure there is a downsizing trend in the industry,”

“And just look at the number of people who want a big car and then also a second or third car,”

“Plus, the number of cities with lack of space is still increasing, especially in China, where there are 150 cities with 1 million people.

“If you see all this and then see where we are, that is the answer.”

Despite the optimism there was no word on a possible return to Australia for the Smart brand.

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