Subaru promises new WRX best-ever

Subaru promises new WRX best-ever

The new Subaru WRX is here and Subaru say the model has never been better.

Subaru promises new WRX best-ever
The new Subaru WRX is here.

Remarkably, despite the list of added standard features (and taking inflation into account), the new Subaru WRX actually costs less than the original model launched twenty years ago.

The new WRX is here and prices start at $38,990, that’s $1000 less than the superseded model.

So, what does the new one offer? Well, the main differences are a new 2.0 litre turbo boxer engine that produces 197kW and 350Nm, the inclusion of an optional CVT automatic and an extra gear added to the manual transmission taking the total to six.

Subaru say that new engine not only produces more power but also uses 11.5% less fuel.

Beyond all that, other changes include;

  • Bigger brakes
  • Re-tuned suspension
  • Stiffened body structure
  • Quicker steering ratio
  • Active Torque Vectoring (ensures better tyre grip)
  • Larger cabin and boot
  • New soft-touch interior

And the new WRX features a five-star safety rating.

Subaru Australia Managing Director Nick Senior says the new WRX marks the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of the model into Australia.

“Since then it has become an iconic name in Australian motoring, synonymous with value for money and a vehicle that has unquestioned performance credentials, matched with reliability that competitors envy.

“While many have challenged, WRX remains a constant sales success and this new version retains that ‘bang for your buck’ essence.”

Subaru promises new WRX best-ever
Subaru say the new soft-touch cabin is roomier and more comfortable.

Joel Helmes