T-Cut Metal Polish

Our Product of the Week is T-Cut Metal Polish

T-Cut Metal Polish

Solid rubber tyres and cassette players may not have made it, however one thing from the past that our cars still have is chrome.

There’s hardly a new car that leaves a showroom today without some chrome work, this can be on the outside and the inside too!

Wheels, bumpers, grilles, badging, highlight trims, there’s no shortage of chrome still being used in cars today.

But how do you keep it shining like new? Or, if you have an older car, how do you bring your chrome back to new?

There are some tricks and traps for polishing and maintaining chrome-coated surfaces and it’s even possible to damage chrome-work if the wrong products are used on it.

This can include scratches that no amount of polishing will ever remove.

That’s why you should invest in this week’s Product of the Week - T-Cut Metal Polish.

T-Cut Metal Polish will restore a brilliant shine and lustre to your cars chrome, easy!

And it will even work on most metals including brass, stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium and alloy.

You can also take it into the house and polish up any metal surfaces you can find!

Available right now in the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $12.99, grab some today!

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