Ten Tips for Car Buyers

Ten Tips for Car Buyers

Check out our ten tips for car buyers if it’s time to get a new set of wheels…

  1. Look around – What cars do you see on the street, in ads or in a parking lot that appeal to you? What do you like about them?
  2. Check out some car online car reviews
  3. Get some advice, why not ask the people who review cars for a living? Like us! We are always happy to help.
  4. Work out exactly what your budget is and be sure to get the best possible car finance rate
  5. Visit car company websites and take a look over what’s on offer. Check out what features your potential new car will come with and what you will have to pay extra for
  6. Determine exactly what you need: How many passengers do you usually carry? Where do you usually drive—highways, city streets, off-road? How important is fuel economy? Do you need a lot of boot space? How much parking space do you have?
  7. Make a list of what you must have in your car and another of what you’d like to have
  8. Check out the safety credentials of your potential new model
  9. Research servicing and insurance costs before you make your new car decision
  10. Only go into a car dealership when you know what you want and what you can afford

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Simon Lai

Simon is a writer and sometime contributor to the podcast. He also takes care of video production and product reviews. He met Joel through radio school and has worked with him on other ventures, reading news, producing and presenting radio content for regional networks. Simon doesn’t profess to be a car nut but enjoys driving first and foremost and has a penchant for hot hatches. He helps to provide the everyday-man perspective.

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