Thumbs Up for Kenworth Super Quad

Kenworth T909 sailing through WA Super Quad trials.

Thumbs Up for Kenworth Super Quad - the 60 metre long super quad is hauled by a Kenworth T909 with a 550hp Cummins engine.

The operator of a Kenworth T909 taking part in a trial of extra-long road trains in Western Australia says so far the concept seems to be working really well.

Being trialed with the support of the WA Main Roads Department, the super quad trucks are made up of four trailers and a prime mover, a combination that stretches 60 metres in length – 6.5 metres longer than a standard road train.

Pilbara-based haulage operation, Fusion Contracting, put their hand up to trial the super quad combo with a new Kenworth T909 providing the muscle up front. WA Managing Director, Jon Edwards, says there hasn’t been any issues so far.

“Kenworth Australia has a long and successful history in the remote mining sector,”

“Combine that with a new complete state-of-the-art dealership right at our door in Port Hedland and the choice to specify Kenworth was easy”.

“The sales team at CJD Equipment worked closely with Kenworth engineering and I to ensure the new T909 met all the Performance Based Standards (PBS) requirements stipulated by WA Main Roads for the trial,”

“One of the critical key components that enable the Kenworth T909 to easily meet the stringent PBS requirements for the Super Quad trials is its unique Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS).”

The Kenworth EBSS system uses an anti-lock brake and electronic stability technology that is calibrated specifically for Australian conditions.

Mr. Edwards says the extra length of the super quad combination is making economic sense too.

“The economic benefits are already evident when you consider this unit is 60 metres long and carries up to 140 tonne payloads,”

“When compared with our conventional quads that are 53.5 metres long and carry 114 tonne payloads fuel usages is relatively the same per trip.”

“Everyone involved in the project is more than happy with how the Super Quad is performing and its integration into the road network,”

“In fact we’ve already placed an order for five more super quads, which will start rolling out early March 2016.”

We will keep you updated in regards to whether the WA gives permanent approval for the operation of the super quad trucks.

Kate Richards

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