Tips for staying safe during motorway breakdown

Breaking down on a motorway can be fraught with danger as cars and other vehicles speed by just centimetres from your car.

It is an environment where things can go very wrong, very quickly.

Institute of Advanced Motorists director of policy and research, Neil Greig, says the best protection is prevention and that means making sure your car is in the best possible shape before you venture out.

But, should you be unfortunate enough to come to a halt on a motorway, Neil provides these tips;

  • Keep a high visibility jacket, waterproof clothing and a charged mobile phone in your vehicle – you never know when you will need these.
  • If your journey is not going as smoothly as expected, stop at the nearest service station or pull over onto the hard shoulder (only in an emergency), parking as far left as possible to avoid slowing down traffic.
  • Once you have pulled over, switch on your hazard warning lights so other road users are aware that you have stopped.
  • Make sure you and any passengers leave your vehicle by the left-hand side. Stay behind a barrier or up the embankment. If you feel threatened, get back in, lock the doors and call the police.
  • Use the emergency roadside telephone when you need to call for help.

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