Toyota to build Tonka truck from HiLux

Childhood toy comes to life in concept vehicle…

Toyota to build Tonka truck from HiLux

Remember the days when you’d play in the sand pit with your favourite Tonka truck?

Only able to control it in the palm of your hand, you could only dream of actually driving it.

Well, Toyota is now trying to make that a reality.

Toyota is currently working on a real-life, life-size Tonka truck and will be based off their big selling Toyota HiLux.

The beefed up ute will be built on the 4×4 HiLux SR5 double cab with aggressive bumpers, grille, tailgate, wheel-arches to help transform it into the classic toy.

With the existing 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine combined with a custom suspension, monster wheels and tyres, the HiLux will be morphed into a off-road, rock-climbing Tonka.

Sure it’s not a ‘dump truck’ per se but it will come in the iconic yellow and black colour scheme.

The childhood toy will be brought to life by Toyota Australia designers who have released a concept sketch of the Tonka giving us a sneak peek.

Toyota Australia product design chief Nicolas Hogios is equally excited by the project and hopes it will capture the imaginations of kids and adults alike.

“The HiLux Tonka really delivers he dream of every Australian kid who ever wanted such a truck.”

Toyota will reveal the concept vehicle in the coming months.

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